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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sewing Project with Pictures

 My university roommate is having a baby. The baby is actually due TODAY! However she is a known procrastinator, so I wouldn't be surprised if the baby doesn't come for a few more days.

Anyway, she and her husband grew up on farms so I decided to make their baby a John Deere taggy. Most babies love tags on toys so why not give them something that's all about tags, with different textures and sizes. It didn't take me long to make. I will make a pink one too if she has a girl.


BTW, If someone knows how to rotate pictures, let me know!


  1. My cousins nursury is painted in John Deere green. Everything in the is done all "down on the farm". Absolutely adorable.

    Good Job

  2. Your crafting skills are totally awesome. This totally looks like something I would walk into a store and just have to buy for a baby.

  3. So stinking cute! I wish I could sew. This is the type of gift one keeps agfter the baby is grown too. :)

  4. You will probably have to rotate your pictures on your desktop (CTRL+K for clockwise and CTRL+J for counter). That means you'll have to re-upload your images.

  5. Can't the John Deere one be for a girl as well? Don't give in to gender stereotypes!!