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Monday, June 27, 2011

Looked At Two Apartments

Friday I met with this woman who showed me two apartments in town. One was on a side street close to town. It was the basement of a house but with big windows. It was a two bedroom, with open concept kitchen and living room. The living room had a fireplace! The place had a private entrance and parking and access to use the backyard. It was $800 plus hydro, came with cable. No laundry though.

The second place I looked at was an apartment above commercial stores. It was right in town and had parking which would be about a 5 minute walk from the door. It was another small two bedroom apartment. It had a small kitchen, and dining room but no living room. Apparently the man that lived there before used the larger bedroom as a living room. It was $800 plus all utilities. I didn't like it as much even though the location was better. It also did not have laundry

I called the place I was most interested in based on pictures and it was already taken. The place that was $650 was also taken. So for now the search will continue. D and I aren't in any rush to move into an apartment, and I think there may even be more pickings once the summer has ended and the tourists have gone home. For now I'll keep looking though.

This weekend D and I went to a concert in Toronto after work on Friday. It was at the Sound Academy, was really good. We stayed at D's sister's house after. I worked on Saturday and Sunday before work we went to the driving range. Golf is such a hard sport, I hardly even made contact with the ball! Last night I had a reverse shadow shift. Waitressing is harder than I thought it would be, it's definitely going to take some getting used to! My first shift is an on-call on Friday, which is Canada day! My first potential REAL shift is going to be a busy busy day! Ah! I wish they would give me a shift on Tuesday or Wednesday instead before throwing me in the pit for Friday and Saturday of a long weekend in cottage country!


  1. I never once underestimated the hardships of being a waitress/waiter. Just by looking at them I can tell it can be quite a stressful job and not for everyone.

    Good look on the apartment search.

  2. We saw Rebel Emergency. Have you heard of them? They are a small band but from Toronto.
    Rafiki, it sure can be! I have my first potential REAL shift on Friday, a holiday! It will be interesting...