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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here She Is....And Other Updates

This is my inherited dog. She is about 3.5lbs and will be 7 years old this summer. My cousin thinks she looks like Scrat from Ice Age mixed with a deer.

Lol, she's sort of squinting due to me taking so many pictures of her. I really should have included something in the picture that would give you an idea of how small she is.

Anyway, she's been doing well and she loves everyone. She uses the kitty litter and we have been on several walks. Right now she is curled up next to me.

Other updates. I went to Niagara Region with D this weekend to visit his family for Easter. He has such a nice family :) We went down on Friday afternoon and came back yesterday evening. We ate a TON of food, played a bunch of games and watched some hockey. On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt. Yes, the youngest grandkid is in high school and the oldest is 27. It was a ton of fun.

Last night we went out for a coffee and I got a hot smoothie! Then we watched an episode of the Pacific which was pretty good.

Today I plan on updating my resume and hopefully applying to a few more jobs. I am really thinking about getting my SmartServe so I am able to apply to restaurants in the area. Not REALLY a job I want, but it would give me more options. Hmmmm, I'll think about it. I also want to make some supper today. D's friend just returned from school on Friday so I might invite him over to apply to jobs and do some cooking with me.

I did not get a lot of work last week. Short week and it included a snowday! This week I only have Friday booked so far.

It's supposed to rain a lot here today. April showers....bring May flowers! 


  1. Our family and I actually tried to get across the border on Friday to do some shopping. When we were trying to head to Rainbow Bridge, the 420 exit was jammed so badly it took us an hour to get out of the line!

    Don't worry about not getting too much work done, spending some QA is important too.

  2. My Michael works as a server two nights a week at a friend's restaurant and honestly some nights he brings home close to $200 in tips alone. This is a nice restaurant but not too upscale. It's nice because it doesn't take up a lot of his time but he gets a good return. It's definitely worth considering in the short term.

  3. please describe the hot smoothie. lol

  4. actually, she reminded me of a husky a bit. I thought she might have been a mutt with a husky and another breed if I didn't know better.

  5. The hot smoothie was pretty good. I think it was just hot milk with one of those flavour shots, but it was still good. I got the mint one :)

    Hehe I'm surprised you say Husky lol, just because she is so tiny and where D lives there is a huge husky.