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Friday, April 8, 2011

Money Spent, Money Saved

Today I saved some money yay! I added $1000 to TFSA! Woooo. I also added $200 to Travel, and $200 to Christmas. Now Christmas is another fund that is at 100% of my goal. I think that $800 will be sufficient to cover Christmas gifts and related Christmastime costs so I am not going to add to it for the rest of the year. Nice to be done that one in April.

Travel is over the limit now, but I am completely fine with that. I will now just slowly add to it. It's no longer a priority of mine until I at least have something in mind. So now, my savings goals are going to be focused on the RRSP, and the TFSA.

The RRSP should be completed this month. I will have the funds to do so as long as I don't spend too much on other stuff. Speaking of spending on other stuff...

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