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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is Pay Day AGAIN!

Woo, tomorrow is payday for the third time this month. I love 3 payday months. They just don't happen nearly enough. Anyway I have not been getting very much work with having to take some time off for interviews and Easter holidays. I'm finally teaching tomorrow. Not for my favourite class but I'm glad I'm getting some work for my next paycheque which will be quite small.

My job "interview" in the trees went well today, she is going to contact people shortly to come in for formal interviews. I think they are going to hire pretty much anyone that applies for the job, there were 12 of us today. I wonder what the rate of pay is. It sounds like a pretty interesting job at least and it's not too far from my house driving. I am still going to interview for the waitress jobs I applied for as well. I am sort of hoping to get one of those to get waitressing experience and tips!

I took our dog to the pet store today to get something for her skin since she is scratching a lot lately, she is not used to the heat in our house. They LOVED her there and gave her a couple of treats. All of the staff came over and were petting her, even other customers kept commenting on her, it was pretty cute and she was just loving it.

I also added $600 to the TFSA, $100 to the Computer Fund (now stands at $600), and $100 to Travel (now stands at $900) today. Woo.

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