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Friday, April 8, 2011

Shopping BINGE

Oops. I may have overspent yesterday shopping. I don't get to the city very often and we don't have any malls or even clothing stores that interest me around here really so it was easy to get carried away. And carried away did I get...

Here's what I hauled home.
Duvet cover, sheet set, 2 pillow shams. 3 cookbooks, cake pan, sillocone muffin cups, 2 pairing knives, coffee, baby toy, towel, pillow and 5 handsoaps. 4 zip-up shirts, 3 pairs of shorts, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 tank tops (2 plaid, one for going out, and 2 plain), 6 t-shirts, 8 pairs of underwear, and 2 plaid long-sleeve shirts.

That's it..... :| Eeek, k maybe a little overboard?

However....the home items minus the towel were for my brother and his girlfriend for their housewarming. I am going to put them together a baking gift basket. I also want to pick up a spatula and maybe a mixing spoon as well. The soaps were for them but I also gave 2 to my mom. I bought my mom a t-shirt as well. I bought my roommate the baby toy because I have an idea for her wedding shower. Gifts I spent $72

The rest....it was for me yep.

The bedding was originally going to cost $179 for the duvet cover, $119 for the sheet set, and $44 EACH for the shams (I got 2). However the lady asked me if I wanted to sign up for an HBC rewards card and save 10%. I said sure, don't worry I've never done this before, and it would only be my second credit card. Anyway they weren't able to bring up my credit report or something so she asked me to come back in an hour once she faxed a form. I came back an hour later and she said that it still is not fixed but because of the problems she would give me 30% off. SWEET. Just then she gets through with the person on the phone and it was approved so she gave me an additional 10% as well. I ended up saving about $150 :) I paid $274 for everything (including taxes).

The clothing I am ashamed to even admit it....but I spent $484. AHHHHH. No more shopping for a long, LONG time!

Do I feel guilty? Not really. I got A LOT of things on sale, pretty much every item was on some sort of sale or another. I am also not going into debt for this. Yes I will have to rearrage a few things, and push back the necklace purchase but I am fine with that. And most importantly I am still going to be able to make my savings goals for this month!


  1. And on top of all that, it made you happy. Splurging every once in a while isn't bad once you are aware and you will modify your budget to fit.

    You did buy a crap load of stuff though. Just saying.

  2. wow you really splurged!!! When i say I splurged I mean like $100 or $200....lol

  3. You did buy a ton of stuff but don't feel bad, not one bit. Your one of the only personal finance bloggers that never buys yourself anything. If your able to make your goals, why not shop? You deserve it girl!