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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summer Jobs

I want to work this summer, but am trying to figure out where! When you live in a small town there are not a lot of options.

I applied for a census position but I'm pretty sure that job ends about the time summer starts. I wrote the test for it yesterday and have an interview for it on Friday. I wonder what they will ask! I hate interviews!!

I also applied for a road crew job with the local construction company. Ideally I would like to be a flagger. It pays a decent amount (i.e. not minimum wage), it's long WEEKDAY hours (overtime and no weekends), and it's fairly simple (don't get run over). I haven't heard back from them yet though and I think they mostly hire students. D and other people are trying to tell me it's not a good job, but it's only two months, I think I can handle it for that long.

I applied online to become a respite worker as well. It would be working somewhat within my field. I really hope I get called for an interview with this as well. I think I might do a follow-up e-mail or call next week to ask if they are actually hiring anyone for the summer.

I have a few other places I think I will apply, including a landscaping company. I would ideally like to have weekends off, but that might be difficult. I can also only work July and August until school starts up again. I asked another supply teacher what she does in the summer and she said that she babysits and goes on EI. What do other teachers do?


  1. Most of the teachers I know either teach summer school or travel.

    Construction work sounds scary ... !

  2. Good luck with the respite worker thing, I think you would be awesome at that job. Speaking as a parent who gets respite, they are worth their weight in gold, I tell you!

  3. Yes, usually summer school - there's a huge demand here in London but if you're in a small town then that's not an option i suppose. I like the sounds of outdoor work, like the flagger - pretty easy on the brain for a couple of months. good luck!