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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Test Driving

My brother and I took my grandpa's car for a test-drive. It's sooo nice. I wasn't too fond of hatchbacks before, but it's really easy to tell where you are when reversing. The car is soo quiet. I like all the automatic features like locks, windows. It has a CD player and air conditioning and even heated seats. My current car does not have ANY of that!

My car has some "tricks" to it. It cannot be locked because the keys do not open the doors. It has no CD player. It has no automatic locks. It has ROLL-DOWN windows. It's loud. The back speakers do not work. It does have a CASSETTE player, how many cars still have those?! Ahhh silver lining...

Anyway my brother mentioned that he really likes the car and is thinking about buying it. I really like it as well but if he wants it I'm not going to get into any type of argument over it. It will also give me more time to save up for a car of my choice that I think I will get next spring. Come on make it to next spring!


  1. Hmmm. I jumped onto my new car and didn't really shop around. How good of a deal is it?

  2. I had a car like that - the back doors "looked" locked but they really weren't lol! Hey, rolling your windows up and down is good exercise!

  3. Hehe yeah, it's okay though. I'm from a small town and really no one would want to steal my car or it's contents lol.

    The deal is $8000 no HST (we think). It's a 2008 KIA Rio5 silver hatchback. 60,000km.

    Yeah the exercise is good. Especially when you have to lean over to the passenger's side to roll down that window. AC would be nice.

    Oh and a new "trick" is that happened yesterday is that when I pop the gas latch, the trunk also pops open! LOL.

  4. Actually... Your car doesn't sound THAT bad compared to my Dad's old car. ^__^;; (That's sad isn't it?) But the lock thing is a bit scary...

    I think it's a good deal but I agree that you should wait. As long as your car is still safe to drive, it's better to wait it out, save the cash and then purchase after you've tested/did research.