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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Applying For Jobs

I get all excited when I apply for a new job. The opportunity to be working full-time (at least for a little while), to work with new people, to gail more experience, and of course more money.

However I also get terribly nervous as well. What if I don't get it, what if I hate it, what if the people don't like me, or worst of all - what if I get an interview?

Interviews scare me. It's not a fun situation for me. A bunch of people staring at you, asking you questions that you should and do know the answers to (in most cases) but feel extremely self-conscious in answering them. I also have a big problem in talking about how great I am (taught to be modest growing up).

Currently I get sent an e-mail when a new job opportunity comes up within my board. I ALMOST always apply to it (unless it's French or more than an hour away from me). They are usually LTO (long-term-occasional) positions for teachers on sick-leave or maternity-leave. So far, I have never heard back from any of these jobs I have applied for :( Last night I was telling my boyfriend about this one school that I liked, small school, nice kids and teachers. Then at midnight a job came up for it! In the class I had supplied for twice in! It was like fate.

I got out the cover letter and resume, tweaking them a bit to fit the description of the job. It would basically be an ideal job. Working every other day in a grade 3/4 class (12 students, but very challenging ones), and working every other day as a Prep teacher (I think teaching science and gym). The entire K-8 school only has 60 kids, they have 5 classrooms so it's a very close school. I get so nervous once I click the submit button (it's an online application system). Hoping for an interview but so scared to get one at the same time!

Time will tell I guess whether I am even looked at for this job. Wish me luck!

Do you ever get this way applying for a job? Are any of you comfortable in an interview setting? Do you have trouble saying great things about yourself?


  1. Well, interviews are always a little stressful. What's important is that you make yourself appear at ease. For myself, I always try to go in with a bit of a different mindset. I truly believe that an interview is not just about them trying to find out if I'm the best person for their company but it is also about me trying to figure out if their company is the right one for me. Sometimes I have gone to interviews and discovered that I really don't want to work their. Either I don't like their attitudes or they lack professionalism or whatever. I know that thinking of it in this way helps calm me down. Good luck and I hope you get a call back.

  2. Good luck! I hope you get it.

    I hate the whole job interview process and applying. I always doubt myself. :(

  3. Yes to all of the above...I have such a hard time at interviews and I get very nervous. I don't know what to say and I have a very hard time building myself up. Thank goodness I am very content with my job and love what I do right now.

    Good luck! I hope you get the job!