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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is Anyone Else Tired of the Snow Yet?

I am.

I love the snow, don't get me wrong. But when it interferes with a lot of things then it gets annoying. We are supposed to get 50cm today/tonight and another 25 tomorrow. We already have a couple of feet. I ended up not being able to go to my job today because of  the snow. I actually can't go anywhere the roads and visibility are so poor. Everything is being cancelled today (schools, clinics, garbage pick up, churches, etc).

I like that light snow, when it just kind of falls for a little bit and then it stops. Seems to never stop here. At least it looks pretty.


  1. HAHAHAHA... I love it!

    MPP has been so excited about the snow I haven't wanted to voice my dislike. But I really dislike snow. It is BEAUTIFUL. But also very dangerous and cold and makes commuting take SO MUCH more time and effort.

    Lack of snow is one thing I miss about living in Southern California, FOR SURE!

  2. I was in Boston for the weekend and saw a little snow...but now I'm back in the south :) and enjoying the snowless sidewalks!

  3. I've been born and raised in the Southwest so I'm not totally sure how I would cope dealing with snow on a regular basis. I give everybody who does major props!

  4. I have no trouble with the snow as it is now... It's the wind and the cold. BRR!! I was almost blown off the sidewalk today. CRAZY! 48km/hr winds!

  5. I'm sure glad I invested in those snowtires now. Lucky you SS4BC, this is the time of year that I would love to go to California. I could barely open my car door today because the snow was so high. Is there much snow in your area Asian Pear? The plows are going to be busy tonight!

  6. Lucky me? All I have is FOUND MEMORIES of a snow-less life. =(