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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Low Paycheque Month

The past little while I have not been getting very much work. As a result my next paycheque is going to be very low (under $200 kind of low). I received the paystub yesterday but get paid on Friday. Thankfully I have been getting work this and last week and so my next paycheque will be typical. This makes me realize the importance of an emergency fund, and hope to get it started in early January.

I am glad the majority of my Christmas shopping is done now, I am going to mail out my Christmas packages today after I wrap them, and hopefully pick up a few of the final things I need to buy. So the final touches won't cost too much (under $75 including mail).

I talked to my boss at the rec centre I work at sometiems and she asked if I wanted to work over the Christmas holidays. I said yes, and now I will be working 8 days. It would be nice to have some time off during the break but I expect January to be another slow teaching month so it will help to get my 2010 goals started!


  1. Ugh. Low pay days are AWFUL. H has been getting a couple of those himself, and it's always hard.

    Thankfully you can look forward to next pay day, with more hours! :)

  2. eep. i hope you have some savings to keep you afloat to then.

    Have you considered using your TFSA as your EF? That's what I'm doing as it'll be tax-free on the interest.

  3. I can hold out until the next paycheque. I don't have anything due before then, just a few last Christmas items and gas, but I have enough saved up to last.

    I have thought about using my TFSA as my EF, I'm still considering it. Although I wanted my TFSA to be a planned spending account (5 year plan, wedding, car, computer). It might be smarter to combine the two and then it would be tax-free, and hopefully the interest goes up on it soon too!