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Saturday, December 12, 2009


I signed up for another ASL (American Sign Language) course. My picture has those letters A-S-L. I am in love with the language. I only know basic signs and phrases right now but a life goal of mine is to become quite fluent. The cost of the course was $190 which I think is pretty reasonable. It is 30 hours over two weekends. A bit of a Christmas gift to myself :)

Why am I interested in ASL? Well I was kind of born into it. My grandparents are Deaf. My grandma was born deaf, and my grandpa went deaf when he was 8. I always thought it was a cool language but little opportunity came up to learn it. In university I had a TA that was Deaf. Like my grandparents she was able  to lipread and speak. Has anyone seen Sue Thomas F.B. Eye?

When I finished university I took a couple of Additional Qualification courses to help promote myself to get a teaching position. Then I started looking into ASL courses, they had one coming up close to my town. I signed up and loved it. I had an amazing Deaf teacher and we were fully immersed, no talking in class! It was tricky but I learned so much and I did very well. I still practice every once in a while when I see my grandpa and just on my own. Also I can spend hours watching ASL music videos online. If you are interested, this is one of my favourites!!

Do you know any other languages? Or is there anything that you want to learn no matter how long it takes?


  1. What a fun Christmas present to yourself! I would love to learn Italian myself or even Spanish. Can't wait to hear more on your adventures!

  2. Have you considered the program at York for teaching the deaf and hard of hearing? I know someone from my board who took the course. I "think" it is tuition free!

  3. That's awesome!

    I had a friend in San Diego who used his ASL to translate classes at the Universities for students who were deaf.

    He loved it because he loved ASL and also because he loved learning. So he got to sit in on a class, learning new stuff every week AND get paid very decently to do it.

    Personally, I've taken 4 years of French but could barely use it to order dinner at a restaurant in Brussels. Oh well... I'd love to learn another language fluently... but so far haven't had a reason to other than scant desire.

  4. Serendipity, I would love to learn another language as well. I just don't have a passion for it like ASL. I took French in school from Grade 1 to Grade 9 and still could barely order something from a restaurant.

    Anon, I have looked into that course. You are right it is tuition free! Only cost is books and living expenses (which can be quite costly in Toronto). I am still thinking about it and will consider it more if I do not get a full-time position in a regular classroom soon. I was also interested in the Teacher of the Deaf program that Nipissing offered, it was an AQ summer immersion program. I thought about that one a lot because it was a shorter in-class time and you were more immersed but it seems like they do not offer it anymore. Last year was the first and last :(

    SS4BC, thanks! I think it would be a very rewarding career! I'm glad your friend enjoys it, it sounds like it would be fun!

  5. I took the obligatory french from grade 7 to 12 but I never actually learned anything. It was simply memorization. As an adult I've attempted spanish and am now able to communicate my most basic of needs. Unfortunately I am stuck.