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Sunday, May 9, 2010

E-Fund Funded

Another sidebar at 100%!!!!!

Today I was able to put another $500 toward the E-Fund.

My E-fund is actually my regular bank account. So I am going to keep a minimum of $1500 in there at all times. I'm actually going to aim for $2000 (which I am at right now) and that way if I go under $2000 it's okay. If I go under $1500 though I am charged bank fees, BLAH!

So now I will have a little bit of leeway room. $500 of leeway.

Next paycheque money will go toward the family loan now that this E-fund is topped up. Glad it's done with, and I am excited to see that family loan bar increase some more!!

I think $1500 is fine for me right now. It's easy access money being in my regular bank account (no holds), and I always have my TFSA if I need extra (hopefully I won't ever even have to use that E-fund). It's nice knowing it is there though, just in case.


  1. Just look at all those lovely green bars over on the side. Full, more than full and close to full! How exciting.