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Friday, May 7, 2010

How Much Cashola Do You Carry?

My cousin and I had a conversation the other day about her boyfriend and the fact that he is cheap.

He NEVER carries cash. Nothing.

They go out and often the bill comes to under $20. He thinks it's a waste to use his debit card on something so small and she ends up footing the bill. She gets mad at him that she is always paying for everything and he never carries around any cash. She said she likes to keep at least $100 in her wallet at all times.

I said I'm lucky to have $20 in there. She was surprised.

Right now I have $24.76 in my wallet. That is only because my brother gave me $20 for gas last night.

I started wondering what most people do. How much cash do you typically carry with you daily?


  1. I'm never far from home so when I am working off jars I usually only take about as much as I think I am going to need (if I am making a stop).

    I keep $40 in my vehicle for gas so that I have it when I need it.

    If I am going out of town, then I will have a bit more on me, depending on where I go.

    I was caught more than once when debit was down and needed cash to complete the payment. I hate that feeling LOL

  2. I usually have less the $40 on me at any given time

  3. I usually keep anywhere from $30-$60 on me. And I "hide" a $20 in one of my wallet pockets for minor emergencies.

  4. I cannot carry cash or I spend it!

    It's stupid that he won't debit something under $20. If it's costing him too much in fees, he should be changing bank accounts! Or she should just stop spending and "go to the bathroom, meet you outside" before the bill comes to force him to pay at least once in a while!

  5. Used to be $0

    Now I carry $60 for cash only restaurants, and mini expenses that I don't see the point in using my credit card

  6. Definitely under $20!

  7. It fluctuates between nothing and $20. Like April fire, I tend to spend it if it's there.

    That's terrible about your friends BF...I would tell him that I don't have the money...he'll have to put it on debit and then walk out before the bill comes.

  8. I tend to carry only the money I will need for each outing. However, I do keep a secret $50 hidden in a pouch of my wallet for "emergencies", not to buy gum or coffee or some impulse desire. It's for a surprise taxi ride somewhere or for a situation where I need to be out much longer than expected and I need to eat.

  9. Not much, under 20.00. When I go to Costco I can take out 20 in cash just to have a few dollars otherwise I dont get cash often. Its good for small purschases, parking, and for my son at school

  10. I carry nothing but Mastercard. And I must admit... I am unbashful about charging it even for a coffee. If I carry cash, I feel the need to spend but not with credit card.