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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend In Toronto

or Tronno as the locals call it ;)

After I got lost twice I met BF at his new apartment (a main floor of a house). Toronto is so crazy. Driving in TO is not fun, it stressed me out! Once I got to his house I also had to park on the street because the houses on his road didn't have driveways! I parallel parked which took me two tries (I'm not used to parallel parking at all). He gave me the grand tour, let's just say it's a shoes-on house (the tenants before were not the cleanest). There is a cleaning service coming in on Tuesday so hopefully they can get it cleaned up and freshened up. It's a small place but doable for the 6 weeks he is there. The part I like best is that BF has a bright purple room, lol.

We decided to hop on the subway and we got a day pass for $10 for both of us! I was starving so we went to a place on Yonge St. that had sushi. It was soooo good, really hit the spot. It was pretty much right across from this Church of Scientology which was interesting to see. Don't see those too often.

We then headed back on the subway and went to the Eaton's Centre. It is HUGE, we went into a few stores and I bought a new bathing suit, pair of flip flops and a hoodie. BF got some sandals and a collared shirt. We also went to this place called Lush and got a few bath soaps. Smelled so good!

We then hopped back on the subway and went back to his apartment to drop everything off. I'm so impressed we were able to navigate the subways so easy. Later that night we decided to have a couple drinks and then go walk to Bloor St. We did so and went to a place called The Pump to watch the hockey highlights, had a drink and some nachos. Mmmmm nachos.

Today we got up and walked back to Bloor St. We went to this place to have breakfast which I wouldn't go to again. The wooden tables were sticky, we ordered the exact same thing but BF got 3 eggs and I got 2, and I got about 5 pieces of bacon and BF got 2. After breakfast we went to Honest Eds where BF got some cleaning supplies and a curtain for his window. That store is HUGE! I don't even think we saw half of it!! They have an East and West wing and about 5 floors on each side. Crazy!

It started to clear up after that so we drove down to High Park. Thanks for the recommendations to go there! It was very nice, what a big park in the middle of Toronto. A nice getaway. We drove for about 10 minutes trying to find a parking spot. While we were looking for a parking spot we saw where the animals were, we both said we want to go there once we find a spot to park. We walked through the park for a while and NEVER found them! We are going to try again another weekend, it was a very nice and scenic walk. The trees are very pretty with their blooms right now.

We drove back and stopped at a grocery store so he has some food for lunches and we made supper together. It was a lot of fun this weekend. I spent about $150 including a tank of gas and clothing. Well worth it. I'm excited to visit again. I'll be going to TO again next weekend but won't be seeing BF, I'm going to Jungle Cat World with my Brownie group. I will be going back to visit BF in TO again the weekend after, already excited!


  1. Tronno? I don't call it Tronno? o___o?

    As for the places you went... You were very close to where I work from the sounds of it. :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend. I love the T-dot...which reminds me I have to get downtown while the getting is good. I haven't been to Ed's in years, but I remember going as a teenager and felt rich in there cause I could afford things, lol.

  3. You call it Toronto and pronouce the second "t"? Whenever I said it like that people from Toronto teased me for pronouncing it lol. Maybe it depends on where you live in TO. I dunno.

    LOL yeah Eds has a lot of 10 cent items, it was crazy!

  4. Hey that sounds awesome. My husband and I met there and did the same things, eatons, Honest Ed (amazing its still around and it is big, they have everything and the kitchen sink), high park beautiful. There is alot too see in toronto, I like lawernece Market and I like the island park too. My sister in Law lives out of the city east. Take care chris in Mn

  5. Glad you had a nice time! And I know from another entry that you went to High Park again (via subway, good girl) and saw the zoo.

    Sometimes Toronto (and yes we do say "Tah-rah-no") is awesome. :)

  6. I love taking the subway. We are getting good at it now too! I'm glad you say Tah-rah-no lol. It is awesome. I don't think I could live there permanently, but it's a fun place to visit and then go back to my town lifestyle. But I know a lot of city dwellers would never want to trade places with me.