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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spend Day

I've spent a lot today! Too much?!??!

I woke up and took my car in to get an oil change. It was a dirty old garage so instead of waiting and reading my book I took a walk. To a local coffee shop and bought a sandwich. There goes $5.20

I get back and my car is done. However I needed a new oil filter so that along with the oil change came to $76

Then I wanted to pick up BF a few things because he has been bored at his apartment with no cable, or internet and limited phone use. So I headed off to wal-mart. I bought him some movies and snacks and some cereal for myself that came with a free Adidas soccer t-shirt (soooo cute! I ordered them online today and it comes with free shipping!). That trip totalled $21. But I'm happy with that because I got a number of items and two soccer t-shirts coming. I ordered the one regular one and one blue one, it's cute!

I come home and start eating my sandwich and my mom calls and invites me to meet her at a local restaurant for lunch. We go and I have a delicious chicken salad. She paid, score!!

As I am leaving I pass the Pharmaplus and remember I have some coupons to redeem and I heard they were having some good sales this week. So I head there. I picked up 4 boxes of girl stuff (geeze that stuff is expensive), 2 deodorants for BF, a bodywash for BF, and a shampoo for myself all for $23. I saved $19 either by coupons or sales. I NEEDED one item, and the rest were just extras...bad GMC. Do you use coupons? I don't usually but I went to this site save.ca and you can pick the coupons you like and they will send them to you in the mail.

Thennnn I head to the bank. The EURO has hit a new 4 year low and so I decide to get $500 worth of EUROs. This cost me $660.20 CAD. It's a pretty good exchange rate compared to what it was a few months ago. It still could go down more but at least now I am set for the trip.

I then went to the clinic to renew a perscription but it turns out I forgot my health card at home, so went home and then back to the clinic. I waited for 40 minutes and then I had to go to my dentist's appointment. So yay I avoided another costly item, but boo I need to go back soon to get it and I wasted 40 minutes reading Oprah magazines.

I get to the dentist 15 minutes EARLY. They come and take me 10 minutes LATE. Does that annoy you? They said I have not had the big 360 x-ray thing done in 7 years so I need to do it along with my regular check up. Yay no cavities! Then I go to pay and it's $217. Yikes. I then go home and my mom asks me if I showed up late to my dentist appointment? I said no and that I was early. She said that they called at 4:03 asking where I was on the answering machine. Grrrr now THAT is annoying! I also didn't get a proper receipt, I just got a receipt saying my payment went through so I am going to have to go back to get a REAL receipt. I hope they didn't charge me a late fee or anything!!

All together I spent $1002.40 today EEEEK!! I hope your day was easier on the wallet than mine!


  1. Well, most of it was for euros and technically you didn't spend that yet.
    And the dentist part of your day sucked. :( Sorry to hear that. But at least you have no cavities. Cause that'd have hurt literally and financially.

  2. I hate when I get to appointments early and they start them late! As if my time isn't important? Boo.

    As for the coupons thing... I do sometimes but very rarely. I should use them more often.

  3. Yeah I hate when they take you late too! Especially if you are the only person in the waiting room and they keep you sitting there for like 15 mins. Ugh.

    I'm so excited to hear about the Euro dropping! Where are you going in Europe??

  4. It's good that it's dropping for sure! Some people were talking about how it might be going up again soon though. Who knows though! I am going to Holland. Also we will probably take short trips to Belgium, and France. I'm very excited!!