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Monday, May 24, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

What a nice day it was today!! BF and I were in Toronto and we took a subway to the Beaches. Neither of us had been there before and it was really nice. It was soooo busy there though! We only stayed a couple of hours because I needed to get home. They have a HUGE boardwalk there and a huge beach. We are going to go again more prepared (pack a picnic and bring towels and sandals).

This weekend we visited my roommate and her boyfriend and had sushi. She also gave me a sewing book as an early birthday present. :) I should get back into sewing.

BF and I also went to Gretzky's restaurant and then to Second City. The food was good, we were stuffed! The show was sooo funny. It was not like I expected. It was called Second City for Mayor and I thought it was going to be one long play about politics, but it was a bunch of skits about random things. BF also got picked on AGAIN by one of the characters. It was really funny, and the improv was VERY well done!!

We did some shopping at Vaughan Mills. I bought some shoes and some summer clothes. In my budget for next month, not this one. Oops, so will have to do some rearranging to accommodate for that!

Hope you had a fantastic LONG WEEKEND!! What did you do??


  1. Oh that sounds like a wonderful time. Sun, sand, good food and friendship.

  2. If the weather is nice enough to be at the Beaches, it's going to be PACKED. (Always take transit, don't try to find parking!)

    I had a car for the weekend - we don't normally - so we ran errands, went to Ikea, the garden store, etc. We also saw Iron Man 2. And I took a really nice nap on Monday. :)

  3. Oh very nice! Yes there wouldn't be parking there, soo busy. We took the subway and walked the rest of the way. Then we took a bus and subway back. It was so nice, I hope the weather is just as nice again this weekend to go for a second time! Hope you have another great weekend!!