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Monday, May 17, 2010

Life in Toronto....Tickets Suck

It's fun! Every weekend I visit BF is like a mini-vacation. There is a lot to do and see in T.O.

This weekend we went to his sister's apartment which is close to Ryerson. We had supper and drinks with her, her boyfriend, and BF's brother and his GF. It was a lot of fun. We took the subway home.

Saturday BF made me brunch and then we walked around the Annex area. We decided to go out for sushi for supper. It was an all-you-can-eat place. It wasn't the best sushi I've ever had but the price was decent. We then bought a subway day pass and headed up Yonge St. We headed up to Absolute Comedy. We went too early though so we strolled Yonge St for a while. The show was good, the host was the funniest. We sat near the front and the host asked us how long we had been dating for. BF answered and he told us we were a cute couple and made fun of us for dating for so long and looking young. He said that BF must have asked me out while we were playing on a slide. The comedians were funny and our faces hurt from smiling by the end of the show.

This morning we leave to go out for breakfast and notice that I got a parking ticket. Darn. I knew it would happen eventually. It was $30. There is no parking around so I decided to risk it and park on the street without a permit. The by-law came by at 2:11am and gave me a ticket on my windshield. I paid it tonight and have now purchased a permit for next weekend. The permits are $19.32 for a week. So I'll be getting those for the next 3 weekends he has left to live there, I don't like paying for parking!! On the bright side breakfast was delicious. Then we went to High Park again. This time we took the subway which was wayyyy easier than driving and finding parking. We saw the animals and walked around for a while. It was so nice out! We then went back and got some food for supper and made it together and ate on his front steps.

I had a nice weekend. I'm looking forward to going back. We are thinking about checking out another park, and maybe the cinema on bloor. Maybe even Canada's Wonderland one weekend. BF has NEVER been there!!!


  1. You should try parking in a Green P or paid parking lots. Street parking is always harder downton.


  2. Thanks, I just looked into it now. It doesn't have overnight parking near where BF lives, but it's a cool website if we want to take day trips!

  3. Ugh, it is even more annoying because they take advantage of the situation to jack the prices way up!

  4. Yeah! I think it's crazy to even have to pay for parking on a side road. But c'est la vie in Toronto. Ah well, BF now owes me some cool dates because of it :)