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Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Went to T.O. again. I'm actually going to miss it when BF is done his placement. He was so much closer being in Toronto and there was always a ton to do! This weekend we went out to a bar on Friday for drinks. We were seated and given menus, and waited for a waitress to come. TWO other groups of people came in AFTER us and both had their orders taken and were served before us! I thought it was ridiculous so I told BF we were leaving. We went to another bar a little bit further down Bloor St. It was great! We were seated quickly and our food and drinks were delivered fast. They also had a live band that pointed us out when we came in and made us sing a part to one of their songs. It was a lot of fun, I'm glad we decided to leave the first place.

Saturday we went shopping at Yorkdale. That mall is huuuuugee! Is it bigger than the Eaton's Centre? I forgot my hairbrush and have relatively long hair so could not go without one. I got that along with some flip flops from Ardene's ($16 for 3 pairs), and a dress from Fairweather ($15) BF bought me the hairbrush yay! That evening we hung out with his roommates and then went out for supper at a place off Yonge St.

Today we packed a picnic and went to The Beaches again. The weather was perfect and I wore my new dress and sandals. As soon as we got off the bus there were girls giving away free cokes. Sweet!! So we walked around and sipped on those and then sat in the shade and ate our lunch. We felt the water and then went home. We made a stirfry for supper and then I left.

We only have one more weekend in Toronto. We are actually going to make it a long-weekend. We are both going to take next Monday off work and go to Canada's Wonderland. BF has never been there!! My roommate also wants to meet up and maybe go to a mysteriously yours dinner theatre. Has anyone gone to one of these dinner and a murder events??


  1. I think the Eaton Centre has more stores but Yorkdale takes up more space because it's so spread out.

  2. We went to Mysteriously Yours for a company Christmas party (Shane has a small company) and we thoroughly enjoyed it! It's lots of fun and they involve the audience. The food was actually quite decent (in December they had an AMAZING squash soup). I would definitely recommend it for a night of fun.

  3. I don't think Yorkdale is bigger, but Eaton's Center always has duplicate shops, if you check the directory... :\

    It's just bigger and more spacious at Yorkdale.

    Good luck with the mystery dinner, I'd love to do it, myself!

  4. How fun does your mystery dinner sound? I've never been to one but I always reference that old Saved By The Bell episode when I think of one. Geeky, I know. :)

  5. Hahaha yeah I remember that episode! They also had one in Gene Simmons Family Jewels but the kids were busy with their lives that they weren't really interested in it at all and wanted it to end.

    It sounds like a lot of fun, I really hope it works out with my roommate!! Looks like she might be busy this weekend, so we will see :S