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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June!! This and That

It's June already!! Can you believe it?

That mean's only a few potential school days left. One month until my 25th birthday!! One month until we leave for Holland! One month until Summer!

There is a lot to do before July. I need to pack for our trip. I also need to at least get some things organized for moving in with BF for the rest of the summer. My parents have a storage unit that they have been wanting to get rid of for a while but my brother's and my STUFF is in there too so they have kept it. I want to go through that stuff and hopefully clear it out. Save my parents some money each month.

I also want to start working out again. It's been so hot and I've been tired so I haven't done ANYTHING in a while...too long. I want to start doing pushups and situps everyday. Maybe while I'm watching a show or at least during the commercials I'll get a few in. It's almost bathing suit season!

I want to pay off my family loan this month. But it REALLY depends on how much work I get this month. So if I am able to only owe them $300 I will be satisfied. I'll get the rest done after summer.

I want to do some summer clothes shopping. I spent a bit this month with all the times I went to Toronto, but I am still lacking a few things. Maybe another dress, one more pair of shorts, and a couple nice t-shirts. I am lacking teaching summer clothes too.

I'm going to transfer my travel fund into my regular bank account so it's easier access. I've also already spent $660 of it. I'm going to keep the rest in my bank account and take it out overseas if it's needed.

I need to get my hair cut too. It's really long right now. I was thinking about growing it really long and then donating it, but I don't know if I have the patience for it anymore. It's so nice to have shorter hair in the summer. Has anyone donated their hair before? My roommate did and she needed 10 inches, but I thought some places took 6-8 inches. And what if it has been coloured??

I need to get my roommate a birthday present. I'm seeing her twice this month so I'm going to give it to her in person instead of mailing it which will save some money, or give me a little bit more to spend on her. I'm thinking a teacher gift basket since she just completed her first full-year at a private school or a cooking gift basket since she is teaching her new boyfriend how to cook.

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  1. I donated my hair a few years ago. I sent it to Wigs for Kids Canada. They will only take 12 inches. But when I was researching I found a few places that would take as little as 8. Most places can't take anything that has been coloured though because when they treat it to prepare for wig making it can't stand up to the chemicals.

    Good luck!