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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goal Update!

How are those 2010 goals doing??

Well let's have a look...


Pay off the $5000 I owe to my family (I have $700 left....but this will likely take me until October since I won't be working this summer) Almost there.

Contribute $4000 to TFSA (I'm at $1750, I really hope to be able to complete this but we will see. However I did contribute $1500 to my E-fund. When I first made these goals I was going to say my TFSA was also my E-fund and now they are separate). Almost there.

Save at least $500 for Christmas (I'm already at $850 for this. But this is including birthdays and I want to get something nice for BF and his family this year so am going to continue adding little bits to it). Check!

Start and contribute $1000 to Retirement (Currently at $0 on this one, hope to get $1000 after the Family Loan is paid off). Failing so far.

Make an additional $2010 in ways other than teaching (Getting there, I need a little more than $300 to complete this goal so I'm hoping I'll be able to complete this. I've been working a few days at the local rec centre to earn this "extra" money). Almost there.

Save $300 for a shopping/travelling trip (Well this is kind of axed. Since it was late in January I found out I was being invited to Europe. Instead I changed this to my travel fund and it's completely funded at $1000 right now). Going to say Check!

Purchase my parents a new freezer and/or couch set (Okay I've now changed this to purchase my parents something nice. I know they want to redo the basement eventually but they are not ready to right now. So I think I will either give them a gift certificate to a home decorating place, OR just give them something they want at Christmas). Changed goal.


Stretch everyday (Yikes, not doing so well on this. I just forget, I need to make time for it). Failing.

Complete a 5k run (Well I let my gym membership expire since I was only going about once a month. I would really like to become a runner but I don't know if this one will happen. It will be the HARDEST goal on my list). Majorly failing!

Complete TWO American Sign Language courses (One complete, I hope to do another one this summer or Fall. I've contacted the organization that offers it in my area and they are only offering courses that are below my level right now). Almost there.

Read at least 12 novels (Okay maybe this will be the hardest one to complete. I've completed 2.5 books so far this year and it's already mid-June!). Failing at this point.

Complete a full-size quilt (I bought the fabric, but I designed my own design and made it really tricky. I think I'm going to pick up some different fabric this summer and try making a rag quilt. They look comfy and not very difficult). Failing.

Volunteer twice at a new place (I've volunteered at Girl Guides and at the OSPCA, that's it. Will have to get at least one new place in. I plan on doing some volunteering in the schools where BF lives this September so that will allow me to cross this one off). Almost there.

Learn how to crochet (I bought the hooks and yarn. I can make a straight line. Maybe another summer goal). Working on it.

I'm doing better at my financial goals compared to my personal goals. Who would have guessed that! I'm doing okay with my progress so far but I need to step it up if I want to complete my goals before 2011!


  1. It seems like you've really made 2010 your year to shine girlie! I am totally digging it, keep it up. :)

  2. I think you're doing great. Sure... Some you've labelled as "Failing" but... You still got 6 months left right? :D