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Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's All Over...

What am I going to do now with my evenings every 2-3 days now that hockey is over :(

Did anyone else watch last night's stanley cup winning game? Great game!

Personally I was cheering for Philly for no other reason than that they were the underdogs. However it made me happy to see Chicago win as well. Especially all the talks they had with the players after. Toews is just 22 and now has a Stanley Cup and a gold medal under his belt. Amazing!!

I honestly didn't see that last goal. It was so fast. I think only the goalie and Kane knew it was actually in. It was a pretty weird final goal. Also pretty weird that it was the same spot that Crosby won the gold medal game with. Very difficult angle!

Also that Stanley Cup finals commercial gets me everytime. The one where Stanley Cup winners are being interviewed and they just have nothing to say, they are speechless. One player starts to cry and pulls his hat over his eyes, the last player stutters and then just laughs. Have you seen it? It's very sweet :)

Anyway I'm already looking forward to September...come on Leafers!


  1. I missed the game, but I am happy with the outcome as I wanted Chicago to win. I don't like the Flyers but I cheered only for them beat Montreal. As a Leaf fan, I cannot, under any circumstances, cheer for Montreal, EVER. And no, I don't care that Montreal was the only Canadian team left...lmao...never, ever, I tell you.

    Now the Leafs officially have the longest draught in NHL history...hey, at least we're number one in something, eh? LOL

  2. Haha, it didn't bother me so much that the Canadien's were in the playoffs. I "could" cheer for them as a Canadian team. It's Ottawa that I could NEVER cheer for. Where I live it's mostly Ottawa and Leaf fans, with only a few Habs fans mixed in there.

    Haha yeah...number one at something. Go Leafs Go!

  3. Here is a PF joke tied in with a Leaf joke:

    Why are the Maple Leafs like a bad bank? No checking, no savings, and definitely no interest!