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Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend Recap

I had a nice weekend. Friday I spent time going through all my winter and summer clothes and picking out what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to donate. I tried everything on except for the things I knew I didn't want anymore. I ended up with 5 grocery bags stuffed full. One bag of recyclable material. Also 2 hoodies, and one long sleeve shirt for my mom. It was good, and now I have more space in my closet.

I also want to go through some of my "stuff" and declutter. I have a lot of things in my closet that can go. I want to get ready to move some things to BF's apartment this summer. He is coming next weekend so hopefully he can take a few things with him. I brought my stand mixer this weekend when I visited him but that's it so far.

Saturday I went to visit BF. He is back at home now that he is done his placement. Was nice to see his family. We talked about our trip a bit, I'm still not too sure what the plans are though. Will be an adventure lol. 18 more days!!!

Today BF made me breakfast and then I went to my roommate's bridal shower. She liked her gift I got her :) I also won two prizes, one a tile with a cute picture on it, and the other was some mint chocolates mmm. They helped on my 4 hour drive home. Blahhh. Anyway after the bridal shower she took me to see her "work in progress" house. They purchased it in October from her grandma for a great price. They have been making mortgage payments ever since. They have also been pretty much tearing the place apart from the inside. They had walls up but no drywall, only two rooms had flooring. The tub went in today, no toilet. It will look really nice when it's all done though. Slowly they have been working on things and paying for things.

Really made me want to move out and buy a house to renovate. I love those home renovation homes. But also reminded me of how much homes cost. Redoing a house, purchasing "things" for your first home, and planning and paying for a wedding, yikes! I still have A LOT to save up for...ohhhh I wish I could win that $50 million! Doesn't help that I didn't buy a ticket.


  1. Would,nt it be lovely to win a huge sum of money ? I would love the opportunity to build a home to my specs. Well a girl can dream can,t she ????

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Long drive though... glad you had chocolates to give you energy ;-)

    I only buy lottery tickets with my coworkers, but I think for the upcoming Max draw on Friday I might buy one by myself... I would happily settle for one of the 1 million dollar prizes too :-)

  3. I didn't buy a ticket either. At $5, it's a bit too much for a "chance to win"