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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Christmas Is Less Than Six Months Away!!!

5.5 months until Christmas.

I have part of two Christmas gifts already purchased. Am I crazy?

Do you buy birthday/Christmas presents early?

Normally I don't. Normally I'm a huge procrastinator. Although last year I purchased several things in October for Christmas and it really helped with the cost of Christmas. Maybe that's why I have it on my mind sometimes when I see something someone on my list would like. Will make the cost of Christmas a little bit easier. As well as deciding what to buy everyone.

Have you bought anything for Christmas yet??


  1. I don't usually buy ahead, but I am saving ahead so that it's not so stressful in December.

  2. ha ha thats so funny. I always think this is such a good idea but I never do it. I definately have not started.

  3. I start early too I must admit... But not THIS early, lol. You got me beat girl. :)

    I think I start usually in September to plan and buy.

  4. I usually start thinking about gifts in October and get all my shopping done on Black Friday because things are so much cheaper. Yes, I am one of those crazy people who wait in lines at midnight. This year I'm hoping for a cheap laptop deal like W got. And no your not crazy at all!

  5. How many people do you all buy for?

    Here I buy for our 4 children, plus 6 other children (nieces and nephews), plus 2 friends. As for extended family I will buy something small for 5 couples and of course, for my hubby.

    So... that equals 10 children and 13 adults.

  6. I always buy early... it's easier to find a really good present instead of rushing around later. Last year I took care of half of my presents at an Arts festival in July, so you are not alone!

  7. Serindipity, I'm kind of glad we don't have Black Friday here in Canada. I would be very tempted to line up at midnight too for a good deal!

    Makky's Mom, I buy for my 2 brothers, my parents, BF, BF's family, three close friends. So about 9 gifts. Not too many luckily.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one Ashley!

  8. LOL - I usually do buy ahead, I always have my eyes open for gifts. But this year I haven't seen anything that I think people will like!!!

    I'll keep my eyes open though, I liked to have everything bought by Thanksgiving so I don't have to worry about a thing. =)