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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Working The Rest Of The School Year!

I am going to be teaching Kindergarten until the end of the school year yay! I have already taught in that class the past 3 days. Now I will be teaching in that class for the rest of the year...only 7 more days left but I'll take it! Kindergarten is one of my favourite grades to teach as well.

The teacher is SUPER nice. An ideal kindergarten teacher. She fell in the classroom and while trying to avoid landing on a student she broke her arm. It's pretty hard to teach kindergarten without the use of an arm (can you do up my shoes, can you open my pudding, etc). Her doctor recommended that she take 6 weeks off from work. Poor girl! She called me today at home telling me this and asked if I would be interested in taking her position for the rest of the year.

No report cards and I get to teach kindergarten daily for the rest of the year? YAY!


  1. Is 10 days enough to make it an LTO? In our board that's what it takes now.
    Have a great final week with the kids!

  2. Enjoy! Must be the year for kindy teachers breaking bones...my son's teacher fell and broke her wrist and was off for 2 months this winter. You're not allowed to drive when your arm is in a cast...so even if she could teach, she couldn't drive into work!

  3. Congrats. That is a good foot in the door AND you don't have to do report cards! woo hoo

  4. I love it! Poor teacher, but YAY for you! My little one is in Junior Kindergarten and the highlight of my week all year was my volunteer day on Thursdays! Enjoy the rest of the school year and I hope it gets you "in the door" for next year!

  5. Thanks for all of your kind comments.

    I absolutely love kindergarten. Such a fun grade to teach. The days fly by we are always busy!

    I am pretty sure it's 10 days in our board too. Although the teacher I'm in for thought it was 3. But I actually only worked 2.5 days last week. So darn..close but not close enough. It will be 9.5 days in total for the same teacher. Oh well, hopefully it will still help and maybe NEXT school year I will get an LTO.

  6. Super sweet! I love Kindergardeners. They are too cute and are so excited to learn so much. It really makes me realize how something so simple can bring so much joy. And good job on paying that laon off girlie! Feel proud!