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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Will My GST Cheque Come?

They come July, October, January and April. I typically get mine around the 10th or so (one more month yay). Every year your GST cheques are reviewed when you do your income tax. So the one you got in April may be a different amount then the one you will get in July, but for the rest of the year it will be the same amount.

PS is it cheque in Canada and check in the States?? We know how Canadians like to add the letter "u" to words (favourite, colour, etc).


  1. Yes, it's cheque in Canada and check in the States. But we don't add a "U", proper English spelling on words like colour and neighbour is with a u, the Americans actually dropped it.

    I think I am getting a GST cheque this year. Also, look for the HST rebate cheque in the mail or in your account this week sometime.

  2. :(

    Jordan and I don't get the GST cheques anymore.

  3. I say cheque... And I add U's to everything that (in my mind) is supposed to have a "u".

  4. We are supposed to be getting an HST rebate too. And now that the taxes are combined does this mean we dont get GST cheques anymore? hmmm

  5. Yes, people are starting to get them now. Unfortunately our mail carrier never came at all today! Weird, we always get the local newspaper (at least) on Wednesdays and today nothing. Maybe he/she was scared off by the rain. Looking forward to that $300 cheque!

    hklover86, I'm not sure, thats a good question. I just assumed we would still be getting the GST cheques like usual. I had a statement that came with my income tax saying when I would be paid, but I wonder if that is a HST sorta combined thing.

  6. I forgot that I posted about this topic a while ago! The "Hated Sales Tax." But here is an excerpt from that posting:

    As part of the proposed sales tax reform, cash payments would be provided to Ontario tax filers, in each of June and December 2010, and June 2011.

    Eligible families with income of less than $160,000 would receive 3 payments totalling $1,000.
    Eligible individuals who earn less than $80,000 would get 3 payments totalling $300.
    To qualify for the 2 payments in 2010, a 2009 tax return would have to be filed.
    To qualify for the 2011 payment, a 2010 tax return would have to be filed.

    So I guess only families would be getting that $300 cheque, and us single people can be expecting around $100. Still better than nothing.

  7. Mine arrived today via ETF directly into my bank. Usually it's faster if you've given them info for direct deposit.

  8. I got ours (I am married.) by direct deposit this morning too.

  9. how much did yall end up getting for hst? I did my taxes late this year so i dont expect not even my gst yet... but my mother got hers and it said she got $3.00 for hst . hahaha ! I was like.. u mena $300 right mom? nope.. $3 !

    whats up with this?