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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unemployed This Summer, Employment Insurance??

I am going to be unemployed this summer. It will be the first summer since I was about 11. I babysat until I was legal to start working. However this summer because of the trip and only having two months off before I am back to teaching leaves me with no job.

I doubt anyone would hire me for 4 weeks but I think I still will try in August. The rec-centre where I have worked for the past 5.5 summers is only hiring people who are still in school so that they can get some sort of grant for hiring students. So they won't hire me if I apply back.

I am thinking about applying for EI. I have never done this before but I've heard several supply teachers talk about this. However, I am going on a trip and I'm not sure if I will even get anything back because I will not be able to look for work at that time. I was also considering taking a course this summer and I don't know if I will qualify if I register for the course.

I don't even know HOW to apply if I decide to. Do you think it's worth trying to apply? Do you have any knowledge about EI conditions (i.e. taking a vacation)? Have you ever applied for it before?


  1. I have never collected EI, but hear about it often at school. As a supply teacher you can apply for EI, but you cannot get EI for time you are out of the country. (One of the LTO's at my school is going on her honeymoon and isn't allowed to collect during that time.) Apparently if it is an online course you are taking, you are generally allowed to collect EI as those hours could work around another job. If it's an in-classroom course, you likely wouldn't be eligible.
    Once you factor in your 2 week waiting period and the time you will be out of the country, it would hardly be worth it for you to apply.

  2. Christy took all the words right out of my mouth! Lol. Some other thoughts:

    Applying is pretty easy but you have to jump through a bunch of hoops. And if you're away or not available to work for any reason you're out of luck. The website for applying (and info) is here - http://www.servicecanada.gc.ca/eng/ei/application/employmentinsurance.shtml. If you are thinking of it make sure you have an original ROE from your last employer.

  3. Ya, EI isn't worth it if you are going on a trip. You are supposed to be 'looking for work' (but who will hire someone for 2 months anyways?).

  4. When I was supplying and on LTO's I went on EI every summer. It was completely worth it and I would only travel to the states on weekends (otherwise you aren't eligible to collect as everyone has stated above).

    My school board would always post the codes to use each summer in an e-mail. It's a little bit of a different application process if you're a teacher, EA, etc (someone who will most likely be returning back to work after the summer). If you have first class or something similar with your board, check there for info on EI. You can also call your school board and ask them.

    Also, if you do apply, I would call them (gov't of Canada) and tell them you're going away on a family trip for ____ weeks. I've found them very easy to talk to and they explain any questions you might have. They'll let you know if you're eligible and what might make you ineligible.

    Regardless, it doesn't hurt to apply. You've probably been paying into EI for years. You might as well try and collect.