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Monday, December 20, 2010

5 Days 'Til Christmas! 9 Days 'Til DR!

Cannot wait for either. I still haven't bought D anything. Orrrr sent my roommates their Christmas gifts. I know...they aren't going to get them in time for Christmas, but they know I procrastinate. They both said they aren't done their shopping either so it's okay. Lol....

I had a great weekend. D and went to town on Saturday for a hot chocolate. We talked about our trip and things we want to do while there. I would really like to see the town, and hopefully a school. He would really like to do some scuba diving and waterfall jumping. Eeek, but I'm super excited about those things too!

I am going to tell D that I don't want to do big-ticket items for Christmas just because we are going on a trip. He doesn't have a camera or luggage. I wanted to get him those but cameras are hard to pick for people. He is a picky type too with things like that. I was thinking maybe I would get him a gift card so he can put it toward a camera or computer stuff he wants. Maybe tigerdirect or futureshop. Ah decisions!

Saturday his friend came home too. He lives at his friend's dad's place. So we all hung out on Saturday evening talking and then we watched The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They actually both liked it! I did too, I am reading The Girl Who Played With Fire now and it's already a much faster read. As soon as I finish we are going to watch that movie too.

Yesterday D, his friend and I made some banana pancakes, then went public skating. It was a lot of fun! Afterward we were going to play a board game but ended up just chatting. I practiced juggling haha. Then we watched Slumdog Millionnaire. I've seen it already but he hadn't and he enjoyed it too. We didn't do much this weekend but it was a ton of fun. Made me so happy :)


  1. I suggest just a gift card to Best Buy to buy a camera. It's a nice thought to help pay towards one.

    I like Canon as a brand, btw.

  2. Hehe I like Canon too. I have one of those small point and shoot Canon Powerhshots and I LOVE it! He was thinking Canon SLR over Nikon too.

    Yeah, I forgot about Best Buy! Not close to a city anymore so I always forget about the good electronics stores. Thanks :)

  3. I am not finished my Christmas shopping either, running out of ideas motivation and money, HELP.