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Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Goals

First off, I was unable to track my spending for December in Excel because my Excel says I am using a trial version. I reset my computer several weeks ago to try and rid it of issues it was having and it removed Microsoft Office. I thought this was fine because I purchased Microsoft Office and even paid the extra money to have a back up disc version mailed to me. I put this in but no where on the disk can I find the product number. I also had the e-mail sent to my university account and I no longer have access to that. So it seems like I am out of luck with Excel. Are there any online Excel type of programs that you use??

Anyway, back to the goals. I did well with the financial ones and not so well with the personal goals.

Pay off the $5000 I owe to my family (This is my priority right now) PASS!! I finished this goal in JULY!

Contribute $4000 to TFSA (which will also serve as my E-fund) PASS!! I actually have a little more than $6350 in there now! AND I created a separate E-fund (my regular bank account) where I keep a minumum of $1500 in there at all times :)

Save at least $500 for Christmas PASS!! Went over this one as well, had $800 in there for Christmas 2010.

Start and contribute $1000 to Retirement PASS!! I did a regular RSP of $500 and a 3 year RSP GIC of $500.

Make an additional $2010 in ways other than teaching (tutoring, babysitting, summer and holiday part-time job, etc)  PASS!! I babysat, and worked at the rec centre doing a child drop off centre and a day camp. I didn't do a great job at tracking this exactly, but it is around $3000.

Save $300 for a shopping/travelling trip PASS!! Going to say pass to this one. I didn't end up doing the shopping trip, but am travelling in a couple of days and had $500 saved in a Travel Fund.

Purchase my parents something nice PASS....half-way pass. I didn't actually buy them what I wanted to which was a new couch set because my brother talked me out of it. But I saved up $400 for their Christmas presents and they were quite appreciative so I will still say I get a half-way pass on this one.

Stretch everyday SOMEWHAT....I didn't stretch everyday but I did a lot more than in 2009. Still working on flexibility, so this will likely be a 2011 goal as well.

Complete a 5k run (hmmm since I hate running this will likely be the hardest goal on my list) FAIL...yah this definitely didn't happen. I still have dreams of doing a 5k, so maybe one day.

Complete TWO American Sign Language courses (already signed up for one in Jan) FAIL...I only completed one. The second one I wanted to take was cancelled. I hope to get a couple in for 2011.

Read at least 12 novels (average of one per month, this can be done) FAIL...definitely not. I think I read 7. Awww, this is such a doable goal though.

Complete a full-size quilt (completed a baby's quilt this year, next is full size, I think I want to try to do a rag quilt) FAIL...but sooo close. I made it, and sewed MOST of it (95% done), D even helped do some of the cutting for the rag effect.

Volunteer twice at a new place (I already volunteer at a Girl Guides group, and at teen dances) PASS...I volunteered throughout the year with Girl Guides, teen dances, the OSPCA. Although I definitely don't do as much as I used to. Something to strive toward in 2011.

Learn how to crochet (maybe make a cute baby's blanket, or at least a dish cloth) FAIL...I self-taught myself how to crochet a little bit. But not enough to actually make anything. I still have the hooks and yarn though so maybe another 2011 goal.

Hmmm, so financial goals rocked. Personal goals failed pretty bad. I will think about my 2011 goals and hopefully have a post up about them before the years end!

What did I spend my money on. I tracked my money this year (minus December!)

So from January to the end of November I spent:

$2854 on my car (gas, repairs, tires, etc)
$380 on food (grocery store)
$642 on restaurants (eeek, gotta get this down in 2011)
$1184 on clothing (how is that possible? I did buy boots, and a winter jacket, and a few dresses, but still! This NEEDS to be lower next year)
$853 on gifts (weddings, birthdays, paying for others at restaurants, most Christmas gifts were bought in December and therefore not included in this amount)
$1216 on personal (makeup, hair, and prescription, this is expensive but will likely be similar again next year, WISH I had benefits at work!)
$203 on education (sign language class, applying for jobs, some books for school)
$554 on my cell phone (once I had to pay for my parents landline too because I racked up a lot of long-distance, oops!)
$1868 on miscellaneous this includes entertainment and things for myself (GPS, external hard-drive, books, alcohol, printer, fabric, etc)

Next year I hope to do better in these categories, and up my savings as well. Next year I won't have debt to worry about which will make it easier :)


  1. wow you did fantastic on your money goals for the year! Congrats.

  2. I use OpenOffice, have seen I changed over to my netbook in May. It took a bit of getting used to, but now I am totally ok with it. I could transfer my Excel files in it, so you might find it handy.

    You did great in 2010!! Congratulations :-)

  3. I,m looking at the amount you spent on food is $380 correct ???
    Well done for 2010

  4. Use Google docs. They have a minimal, free online version of Excel.

  5. I think you did a great job at your goals! You met every financial goal and several of the personal goals were very close!

    I wanted to try to run a 5k race as well, but I have never run before in my life. I tried "couch to 5k" on coolrunning.com, it's great. I'm about half way through and I actually enjoy running now. It even has an ipod app that you could use. You just run when the ipod lady tells you to and walk when she tells you to. It's actually very wicked!

  6. You know what's funny? We're reversed. I spent about $380 on clothes and over $1,000 on restaurants (ie: eating out). haha. We have different priorities obviously. Mine's my tummy. ~__~;

  7. Is the trial key located somewhere on the package?

    That's kind of strange that you bought it but you had to have a disc mailed to you. Did you download it online via the Microsoft site?

    Maybe you can contact them with your details and say: hey, where's my product key?