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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Will The Trip Even Happen?!

I am so frustrated with Expedia right now. We booked our trip through them since they were the cheapest on the day we booked.

D filled in the forms, we triple checked the CC number, the names, e-mails, etc. All good. Then we talked about it before he pressed "next." Obviously our session timed out. And instead of pressing start over he pressed back and refilled out the form. We double and triple checked everything again and pressed next right away but since he didn't start over it didn't work. So he presses start over and fills in everything for the third time and decides to not double check (mistake!) and presses "next" and it all went through. The next day I receive a confirmation e-mail and notice my first name is spelled wrong.

He added an extra letter in the middle, grrrr. It also says at the top of this e-mail that the names must match what it says on the passport identically. So I call expedia thinking this is going to be a quick call to get the name changed.

For so long they said I am not in the system. I was on hold a lot for this process too. They asked me if I was sure I booked with them! Yes, first line of the e-mail says "Thank you for booking with Expedia." So they had me forward the e-mail and said they would get back to me within 5 hours. Well 6 hours roll by and nothing.

So I call again. This time they were much better and actually found D and I in the system. They said yep sure easy enough to do, they changed my name and I would receive it within 72 hours. Nice.

72 hours pass and still nothing. So I call AGAIN. I tell them the problem again and ask them to send the e-tickets with the right name. Apparently I called after 4:30 and the documents department was closed so I would have to call again the next day. So I do, at 9am, they said sure and I will receive it shortly. I came home yesterday and saw that I received new e-tickets. I open the document and see that my name is STILL spelled wrong!!!

So I call AGAIN (how many times now?) and the girl was very nice and somewhat sympathetic. She said that she would be able to fix the problem and that I would receive the new e-tickets with the correct name within 24 hours. 24 hours will be around 6pm. I think I'm going to call by 4 today if I still have not received them though.

Grrr, the flight is at 6am in one week. I hope all of this gets sorted out quickly! I am beginning to get very frustrated. I don't think I would book with them again.


  1. holy geeze! I feel for you. I probably wouldnt use them again either.

  2. Don,t think I would be booking with them again.

    Take a deep breathe and relax, it will come good in the end, and youll have an awesome time.

  3. Oh my gosh, that is insane! I can't stand calling customer service. It is never easy! And I'm getting mad just thinking about it, haha.