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Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Weekend Coming Up!

I love this time of the year. We have so much snow now too. I drove D home yesterday after supper and a giant tree branch had fallen on his jeep. Luckily no damage!!! But the weight of the snow on the trees is causing branches to fall and power to go out.

Anyway the snow is beautiful!! Tonight is the festival of lights in town. I may go if D will join me, otherwise I might just go myself to do some Christmas shopping. They are having a tax-free event so it will be nice and I'll buy a gift for the toy drive too.

Sunday is our Santa Claus parade which I'll go to and afterward they have free public skate which will be fun! I also noticed today that our town has free skate for 12 days over the Christmas break. Cannot wait!

After the parade we usually put up our Christmas tree too. It will start to look a little more festive indoors like it does outdoors.

Oh yes, kind of a cute story from work today. I was teaching Grade Four and their assignment was to summarize the Nativity story from the story their teacher read to them yesterday. They started working and one of the students comes up to me and says, "I forget, was Mary a vegan or vegetarian?" It was cute...she obviously meant virgin.


  1. As a child I always loved seeing our Christmas Tree lights light up the snow on the window ledge. At times like that I would forget how dangerous snow can be, and how awful it looks all dirty and slushy. Still on a blistering hot Australian Christmas morning what I would give to see snow on the ground, some things just make Christmas so special.

  2. Thanks for the laugh this morning, vegan or vegetarian? Gotta love kids!

  3. hahaha. vegan or vegetarian. kids say the darndest things. :)