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Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Shopping is NEARLY DONE!!! Potential Vacation??

I had two days off last week because one was a snow day, and the other job was just cancelled without me knowing the reason. Instead of wallowing about cancelled jobs (which I did do for a bit) I decided to go Christmas shopping. I spent a lot of money but am pretty much done.

I had a few things saved up too so that lessened the blow. I also transferred the $800 I had saved up into my bank account and have already paid off my credit card for this month!!

For my family, I made them all STOCKINGS!! We haven't done stockings the past couple of years and they are a fun part so I decided to bring them back. I won't receive one, but that's okay.

Anyway what did I get? I got my cousin (best friend) a new board game, and some puzzle glue. I got my brothers each razors, Christmas beer, deoderant, candy, soap and a $20 beer store GC. For my dad I got him soap, Christmas beer, a bingo dauber, mouthwash, $50 to Canadian Tire, $100 to Home Depot. For my mom I got her Olay lotions, a bingo dauber, hairspray and $50 to her hair salon, brown socks, $50 to Walmart, kitchen tongs, $50 for Mark's Work Wearhouse. I'm probably forgetting things. I also want to get them each a scratch lottery ticket because those are fun too.

I got my roommates each a book, some candy, and am going to make them a Christmas/Holiday pillowcase. I got the one a kitchen tool, and the other one lotions from a country she recently visited. I have not bought D anything. However we were talking tonight and he asked me if I had any money saved up to go on a vacation. I told him I did and he said maybe we could do that over this Christmas break.

I think that would be pretty cool! We looked into some places. Some look awesome but just far too expensive, like Asia and Europe. So we focused a little more on the Caribbean islands. We may or may not actually do anything but I'll let you know! I think it would be fun and neither of us has been on a vacation in a while. It also just snowed here another foot so it would be nice to not have to wear winter boots everywhere for a change!


  1. Wow you have treated everyone to great gifts, it must have set you back a fair bit. But perhaps you are like me and would rather give than receive.

    A holiday with D sounds fabulous, and an opportunity to get out of those winter boots, have you considered Australia ??? We are all in sandals.

  2. A holiday sounds great. If you have money saved I say go for it.

  3. Seriously I loveee giving stockings, they are great! :) Sounds like you are done with xmas shopping.

    You should totally totally go on vacation, I would LOVE to travel if I had the funds.

  4. Wow a trip for Christmas sounds wonderful! Definitely seems (to me) like the best present for each other ever! :)

  5. I would literally like to go anywhere in Asia or Europe. We google earthed several places to check them out. They seem really cool. I'd like to maybe see Malaysia or Ireland. He focused more on the more remote places.