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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Boots! Christmas Baking?

We had a pretty good weekend. Saturday we went out for hot chocolates. Have you tried the Tim Horton's candycane hot chocolate?!? It's delicious!!

Sunday we went to the parade with my mom too. It was fun to see. After the parade I stopped by D's house for about 20 minutes to pick him up to go skating. In those 20 minutes, the german shepherd he lives with ATE my boot. He actually ATE the side of my right boot. And of course it had to be the side that people see. BAH! Skating was fun at least, and I'm getting much better.

So yesterday after work D became my fashion consultant and we went to Mark's Work Wearhouse to get some new boots. I need boots for school, that look nice but can keep me warm on yard duty days too. So I tried on a couple of pairs. I liked the flat ones that looked warm, he thought they were nice but liked the boots with a heel. I tried them on but the leather just looked like it was going to get wrecked too fast because it wasnt tight to my leg and would crease easily. So I went with the warm flat ones. They were on sale too, so total was $101 after taxes.

These are them, except black and the "fur" is black too.

Today I was supposed to work a full day but the job was cancelled due to snow! Darn. But I still have tomorrow and Friday booked as well. Hopefully no more cancelled jobs. I can't afford it! However I did receive a call this morning from my boss at the rec centre and she asked me to come in to do the child drop-off centre for 4 hours today. So at least I will have that, although it's definitely not my favourite job to do. I'm thinking about doing some Christmas baking after work this afternoon.

What are your favourite things to bake at Christmastime?

Oh yah...interesting fact of the day (somewhat relates to the question posed). Yesterday on the radio I learned of the scent that turns men on the most. It's pumpkin pie! Well they always say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. And a few weeks ago I learned of the scent that turns women on the most from the same radio station. They said gasoline! I agree it can be a nice smell on work clothes of a guy, but definitely not my favourite smell. I think I prefer cologne, or baking bread or something lol.


  1. lol i always liked the smell of gasoline but I dont think i can say it turns me on!

  2. Love those boots I,m a big fan of Ugg boots they are essential over here if you want to be considered a real Aussie.

    I think I would rather have the smell of cinammon, not a big Gasoline fan

  3. Those look comfy but they look like the salt and the slush might soak through them? I find that happens with UGGs.

    I myself have a pair of Ecco boots but I find without proper care they get stained/ruined easily

  4. Cute boots!
    I really don't like the smell of gasoline, weird.

  5. Cute boots! I want some in brown :)

    I make these each year and people go gaga for them!

  6. Great buy! I got a pair very similar to yours 4 years ago, and they have lasted me through FOUR CANADIAN WINTERS, sludge and all!! Mine were around $90 before tax, and the brand is columbia, but the material, the height, the stiching and the soles of the boots are identical to the pair you have.

    In fact, I wore them today and they kept my feet nice and toasty through a 15 minute walk in -9 weather!

  7. Those are CUTE boots. O_O!

    *want want want... looks down at her calves... curses her big calves... looks at picture again... want want want... pouts*