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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Belated Valentine's Day

I went to D's last night. Felt a bit better by evening not 100% but I wanted to see him. We took it pretty easy. He gave me 12 beautiful roses.
6 of the roses, I'm drying the other 6.

 I then gave him what I made for him. I made him pink rice krispy hearts and included some heart candies as well. Mmmm. He had one right away :)
 I also made him a card.
We play scrabble quite often so I incorporated it into his card.

Tonight we are going out for dinner at the fancy restaurant we were supposed to go to on Monday. Yay!

Oh yeah, and today is my first day of teaching high school. It's just for the afternoon which I'm kind of glad about. Ease myself into it. Eeek, hope it goes well.


  1. Beautfiful roses, and I love the pink rice krispie treats! Those things are addictive! Your card is super cute!! :)

  2. awwh. that's sweet. the card is adorable.

  3. Glad you ended up having a great day, hope you are feeling a lot better.

    So how did your first day go ???

  4. :) glad that you got to celebrate the special day.

    based on my memories of high school, it must be an interesting experience!

  5. That card is really cool!