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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Brother is Moving Out

I have two brothers. Both younger. Both living at home too. It's a full house.

Anyway my brother has been dating this girl for about 6 years. They lived together for a couple of years during university and now live in separate towns in the same region. His girlfriend works in both towns. They decided that they would prefer to live together and started looking for apartments.

My brother does not drive. He CAN drive but chooses not and does not have a car to so location was key for them. They had to find a place that was within walking distance of his work. They looked at several apartments and finally decided on one that met all their standards.

It's a two floor apartment, with a large kitchen and living room on the main level, and a bathroom, laundry room, and two bedrooms upstairs. They have a balcony and one parking space. The cost of this place is $900 a month, plus utilities.

They will be paying hydro, water, cable, phone, internet, etc.

Her parents were trying to convince them at looking at HOUSES to buy since they could get a mortgage for about that amount each month but they were not interested. The houses were pretty run down or in a location too far from my brother's work.

The day the move in is April 1st. This is nice because it gives them time to pay off student loans as well as purchase anything needed for the apartment.

I would soo love to move out but cannot afford it at this point :( I will just have to live vicariously through my brother. Kinda sad that my brother who is 15 months younger is moving out first. C'est la vie.


  1. I also have apartment envy. My situation is a little different. I have lived on my own, but it was always with roommates. Then, after I graduated, I moved in the the bf. While it's nice to live with him, I'm a little jealous of people who rent or own their OWN (not shared) place, and can decorate it to their taste. Lately there's been a few PF bloggers that have documented their transition to either renting or buying their own place, and I'm definitely living vicariously through them!

  2. Don't worry about it, I have apartment envy too. I live with the BF's parents semi-rent-free and I really want to live on my own again with the BF. It was difficult living in a nice place for 4 years during college..but going straight to living with his parents sucked big time. What makes me feel better is seeing my savings acct grow, and knowing that I will be a homeowner soon enough if I just wait patiently ;) I hope that makes u feel better!

  3. Remember, it's not a race. *pat pat* Some day you'll be moving out soon. *pat pat*

  4. Hey don't worry about it. It will happen for you soon. It's really not a race :)