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Monday, February 28, 2011

February Spending

Another month gone already! February was a busy month!! My roommate came to visit, I did some babysitting, I practiced my ASL for a weekend, I got the flu, D had a pond hockey tournament, and Valentine's and Family Day were in there too. Here is how my spending went this month, the budgeted amount is in brackets.
Car and Gas (15%) ACTUAL: 11%
Phone (4%) ACTUAL: 3%
Food (4%) ACTUAL: 7%
Restaurant (4%) ACTUAL: 5%
Personal/Medical (6%) ACTUAL 5%
Clothing (5%) ACTUAL: 4%
Gifts (2%) ACTUAL 1%
Education (2%) ACTUAL: 9% Paid Teacher's Membership
Entertainment (4%) ACTUAL 6% Bought comedy tickets on Wagjag
Everything Else (3%) ACTUAL: 6% Includes snorkel set, and photos
TOTAL (48%) ACTUAL 57%

And I thought I was going to be under for sure! This was my budget and it works this month again because I made more than I budgeted that I would. The OCT membership, and the comedy show tickets was what did me in. I bought 8 tickets that are good until September. It's an hour drive to get there but it was a good deal.
However, I also managed to SAVE! Budgeted amount in brackets again.

TFSA (35%) ACTUAL: 46%
Christmas (5%) ACTUAL: 8%
Computer (3%) 8%
RRSP (6%) ACTUAL: 0%
Travel Fund (3%) ACTUAL: 8%
TOTAL (52%) ACTUAL 69%
So you must be thinking that I overspent because 57%+69%=126%?? Well true. But really I did not overspend my earnings. I budgeted a certain amount per month based on what I TYPICALLY make. I may go under or over this typical amount and I'll save accordingly.

Again I am happy with the way this month went. I DID go over my budget in spending but I also went over my savings. Hope we have a good March!

March is D's birthday, Daylight Savings Time, SPRING, and St. Patrick's Day. D's B-day is in less than 2 weeks so will need to think about that more. Looking forward to 3 payday April already :)


  1. March for me is my Grandson,s 5th Bdy
    My 8 days away in South Australia.
    My Son,s Wedding Anniversary.

    You had a great February with savings away above the % you expected to pay, well done

  2. What do you have to think about for St. Patty's Day? TIME TO GET DRUNK!! :D