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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

It's February already?! Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and it's supposed to snow a lot tomorrrow, so I'm guessing the little guy is not going to be able to see his shadow and say an early spring. No matter what he says though, it always ends up being 6 more weeks if not more.

Today I taught in the morning and then got some gas and some groceries. My roommates are coming up this weekend so I bought some snacks and baking supplies.

I got two bags of items and it ended up being $44! Sure adds up fast! I didn't even get any meats since they were totally out of what I wanted. I think am going to make a lasagna for when they come on Friday.

Today I plan on doing some baking and sewing. I need to get my sewing projects DONE! Will post pictures when complete.

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