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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cheap Weekend :)

My roommates were both supposed to come up this weekend. Unfortunately one was sick and didn't make it but the other one and I had a nice weekend. We chatted and ate food all Friday night.

On Sunday we made a good breakfast and then met up with D. Her first time meeting him!! We went to his parent's house and played some hockey and skated on the lake. We fed the birds and then chatted for a while. We then went out for sushi for supper and then played some board games at my house. It was really nice and she said that she likes him and "approves" of him :)

Today we just played some wii and talked a bunch about life and teaching. It was good to talk to someone who gets where I am coming from and is in the same situation. We also skyped our other roommate for an hour which was really nice! It was a good girl's weekend. Definitely need to have more of those hehe.

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  1. A girls weekend is absolutely necessary every now and again, glad you enjoyed it.