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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I finished book number 2 of the year. It was a big one at 746 pages, "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest." I really enjoyed it. It was long and some of the "Section" part in the middle was a bit dry but overall what a great series. :)

I know he planned on writing more, I think the series was going to be 10 books and so there seems to be a few things that I would like to know more about but will not get to. But it was a good series and I would recommend it.

D and his brother-in-law are both into science fiction. Me, not so much. But I haven't ever really given it a chance. D's brother-in-law bought the book that is supposed to be the number 1 sci-fi book of all time and D just finished reading it. It's called "Ender's Game." He told me a bit about it and it sounded okay but not great. But since I finished the last book I was reading and didn't have another lined up I decided to try it.

I am already half through! I'm surprised I am enjoying it so much.

I have heard good things about "The Room." I want to request it from the library as it's always out. Has anyone heard anything about this book or read it themselves?


  1. Ender's Game is such an amazing book. The rest of the series is not as good, in my opinion, but that one is just great. It's such a crossover for people who aren't crazy about science fiction (I am, but I know a lot of people aren't).

    I read Room and thought it was FABULOUS. I've loved Emma Donaghue as an author for a long, long time.

    Given that you enjoyed Ender's Game and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, I think you should give The Hunger Games a try. Have you read that?

  2. I read The Room and it was pretty good. I didn't exactly love it, but it was really interesting. I might have to look into more books by the same author.
    I know, what a shame about not finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. I really love those books. I've read them each twice so far. There is just so much information in each book, it makes reading it again, even better :)

  3. I like that book ''The Room''. I hope you'll be lucky to find it in the bookstore because at your library it's always out.

  4. I will have to try Hunger Games for sure. I saw another teacher reading it a couple of weeks ago.
    The Room seems like it will be a dark book but I like how it seems as if the kid is content with his life, probably because he doesn't know any different.

  5. I loved Room!
    It was really good. Some things in the book made me wonder why they were in there. I like that it is about a very depressing, twisted thing, but it is sort of a light hearted book.