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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Added To The Funds :) To Buy A Necklace??

Friday was pay day and so I added to the funds. Added $100 to the TFSA, $100 to Christmas fund, $50 toward the Computer fund, $100 toward the Travel fund, and $250 toward an RSP. I had another $100 that could have gone toward one of these goals, but I am thinking that I am going to just save it in my regular bank account and start saving up for a necklace I really would like.

It's the Tiffany's bow pendant necklace I posted a picture of on things I want a couple of days ago. I want the mini one since it's cheaper and I think small is more my style. I priced it and it's $150, plus $22 of HST. But since the nearest Tiffany's is over 2 hours away I think I will also have to have it shipped which is another $20. For a total of about $192 for one necklace.

I think I will continue to save for it using my regular bank account but see whether I still really want it in a month or two before I decide whether to actually purchase it or put that money toward a different goal. Hmmm is it worth it? What's the most you have spent on jewellery for yourself?


  1. I can,t tell you that hubby may read this.

    If you really want the necklace then get it, your only young once, and as long as you are not going into debt for it I can see no reason why you shouldent have it.

  2. Uh... I'm cheap. I think I only have fashion jewelry. ^__^;

    I do have some pricier-nice items... like gold necklaces and pearl necklaces but those were all gifted to me.

    I'm so a tomboy. *hangs head* ~___~;;

  3. I love the necklace...i want to own something from Tiffanys as well. Go for it!

  4. Thanks Maureen. I think that I'll save up for it a little more but get it eventually. HK, I've always wanted something Tiffany's too. It's only sterling silver instead of white gold but that keeps the cost down too.

    AP, I too am cheap with jewellery. I've only bought items from Claire's and clothing stores before. I have some nicer things too, but don't really know the rule about wearing gifts from ex-boyfriends lol. I used to wear the chain with no pendant from a necklace my parents got me but I lost it this past summer. Hopefully I don't lose this one if I get it!