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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


7 of my most worldly desires!

I would love to have my own place. It can be a small house or an apartment. But a place not living at home would be great. Unfortunately right now I just can't afford the monthly payments with an income that is so unpredictable. I don't need anything huge, just a place of my own.

This necklace. I think it's really pretty and I've been eyeing it for a while now. I think I'm going to actually get this material desire in a couple of months after I have saved up for it a bit more and if still want it.

A car. Mine is now 12 years old and I'm not sure how much time is left in it. A new-to-me car would just be sooo nice. I don't want an expensive car or anything, just something that isn't rusty and can get me from point A to point B with no problems.

I would really like to go SCUBA diving again somewhere. I would LOVE to see a sea turtle as well. Maybe Thailand or Australia, but really I would go anywhere! Does this one count as a material desire?

A smartphone. My phone is an old flip phone and if someone sends me a long text it won't send the 3rd part. It sometimes just turns off for no reason as well. I don't think I would get a data plan but would enjoy the ability to play games and music.

An SLR camera. I think these are a great investment. I would like to have one before I go on a major vacation or have kids. The pictures just look soo much nicer than a point and shoot. I love my point and shoot as well but an SLR has it's place.

A Macbook. My computer is so frustrating. It shuts down constantly when I'm using it. Macs are what my school board uses as well so it would be nice to be a little more comfortable with the programs. Okay, really I want one just to play around with photobooth!

Come join in with this tag! What are your most worldly material desires?

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  1. Why not a point and shoot close-to-SLR camera? Like the Canon G12? I have it and love using it.

    Macbook -- If you do buy it, I think I have the same one you do.. buy the Pro version instead if you can afford it. It lasts longer and is better than the cheaper line of Macbooks

  2. I'd looove to have my own place too. I guess home ownership is on everyone's mind.

    Re the Tiffany necklace. I read in ur previous post that you wanted to get the smaller one. I highly suggest that you see the sizes in person. When I saw the catalog pictures, I thought I'd get the smaller one too as I prefer feminine and dainty as opposed to statement jewelry. But when I saw the sizes in person, the smaller one is miniscule.

    I took my large bow and compared it to your blogpost picture on my computer screen. It's almost the same width and the "bow top" part is almost as large as the picture, but the "dangly parts" are much shorter. I think the smaller size is probably about half the size of your picture.

  3. I'd love to upgrade my phone but I just can't bring myself to double my monthly bill. The necklace is gorgeous too!

  4. I would also like to have my own condo, a new car, high-end SLR camera and the ever so adorable Macbook!