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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Vegas Trip Pressure

My best friend is also my cousin. She lives in Toronto. She and our uncle have decided to go on a Vegas trip. Why Vegas? I'm not too sure but I'm assuming because it's sunnier than here and relatively cheap.

She wants me to come. Really bad. However, I am not really into the gambling or bar scene which is really what most people go to Vegas for. She priced it out and they are going for 4 days in May and it will be a total of $500 for hotel, flight and taxes. I told her I just went on a vacation and my parents think I might even OWE income tax this year (I paid very little into it on my one job) so I'm not really interested.

Well today our uncle calls me and leaves a long voice message trying to convince me to come for her. He said if money is an issue that he will pay and I can take my time paying him back.

But really, I'm not that interested in Vegas. I'd love to go on a trip with my best friend, but to Vegas, not so much. I think I'd rather put that $500+ toward an RSP or different vacation fund. I feel sort of bad saying no because I potentially COULD afford it (almost have that much saved in vacation fund), I just don't want to drain it on Vegas and lose 4 days of work.

Ah, pressure though!


  1. I feel the same way about Vegas. I'm not a gambler (in fact I've never been to a casino and I'm 30) and not much of a drinker. Some of friends had suggested I have my stagette in Vegas and I'm not even thinking about it. Sure its fairly cheap for entertainment, if that's your kind of entertainment.

    Are they planning on seeing some shows or doing anything else while they are there? I've heard that some of the shows are good.

    But, I wouldn't be pressured into going, I would just say Vegas isn't your speed (and you don't want to lose 4 days of work) but the next time they are planning a get-away you'd be more than happy to join them.

    Good luck!

  2. I think if your uncle really really wanted you to come, and could afford it, he should have just offered to pay, at least for part of it. Even if he just offered 100 bucks, it would be a 20% "discount". But then again, he may not be able to offer such a gift, and it is no small sum.

    If I were you I wouldn't go. $500 and 4 days worth of pay is a lot of money for a vacation that you don't want to go on. Plus, you may come to resent the situation and have a bad time because of it.

    I'd just be honest with her, and ask what she would do. That way she'll be forced to see it from your perspective instead of trying to convince you. Good luck!

  3. Yeah, I am with you...not a big gambling fan, not into the club scene. I might take in a show or two, but that would be about it. I would be honest with your cousin and your uncle and let them know that you really aren't that into going to Vegas.

  4. one of the guys I work with Plays cards and goes to vegas once a year and always comes back after winning :)

    Anyway he had a great time!

    I'd love to go. He got his flight and hotels for 475$

    If your going to Vegas go meet Serendipity.

  5. I have to agree with everyone else - if you're not interested, invest the money elsewhere.

    Several times this past year, I've had friends asking me to go to Vegas, New York, Chicago, Texas, etc. Despite the numerous times I've said, "No, I don't have the money too. I'm unemployed!", friends keep asking me. My point is, when it comes down to your money, the ONLY person that thinks in your best interest is YOU.

    Go with your gut and stick with it.

    -Min Min

    P.S. I'm an OCT-certified teacher in Toronto that doesn't have a full-time job :/

  6. Thanks all. Yeah I talked to her and explained the situation. She was still trying to convince me but understood as well. I know that my uncle wants to go there to do some gambling, but my cousin mostly wants to just go to the beach. The shows would be what I would want to see the most, but those too are expensive. Maybe another day...

  7. I used to think I didn't want to go to Vegas but the Grand Canyon is nearby and I've wanted to see that since forever.

    But yeah... If it's not your thing, just turn it down. Stay strong. Maybe you can suggest another vacation elsewhere for the future?

  8. There is actually a lot to do in and near Vegas if you're not into gambling or clubbing. (I've been twice in the past five years; I gambled three dollars in the penny slots and did not go to any clubs at all.) We walk around and see the sights, eat amazing food, drive to state parks, etc.

    But if you don't want to go, don't go.

    Also, to the comment above mine: the Grand Canyon is not that nearby. There are gorgeous state parks within a couple of hours or less, but the Grand Canyon is a few hours drive away.

  9. The grand Canyon is probably 2 1/2 hours away. It's not that far but state parks such as Red Rock and Lake Mead are closer.
    There is stuff to do here if you're not into going out and clubbing or gambling but it does costs some money, just like any other vacation does. But I do agree, if you don't want to go, don't go and save the opportunity for another trip.