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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Extra Income

Hehe. Must try this.

I put an ad on kijiji and different ads around on mailboxes in my area for tutoring and someone contacted me :) So I am now tutoring a 6 year old boy on Wednesday nights.

The problem is that he lives 35 minutes away. We agreed on $20 an hour. So really it works out to be less than $10 an hour if I count travel time. That does NOT include planning time. Ah well, I think it will still be good experience and the kid and mom are both really nice.

Hopefully more people contact me. The ad has already had over 40 hits, which I see as a good thing being from a small community.

I also supplied as a designated ECE person today in one of the full-day kindergarten classes. It was busy with 25 kids (2 away)! I also earned less than half of what I would as a teacher, but work is work. Better than no work!

Although I always wonder if I should accept these ECE jobs or hold out and hope that a teaching call will come in. I accepted it, and ignorance is bliss. I'll just assume I would not have received a teaching call to make myself feel better.


  1. It is all experience and looks good on your resume, I would continue, although $10 is not going to go far.

  2. I've seen those ads on TV. There is an ECE and a K teacher? Are you paid less than /classified differently than a teacher?

    We have full day K here. Have for years. It is just the K teach in the room.

  3. I was wanting a tutor for my son a while back. I may again at some point be in need of a tutor for him. Any chance you are in the Niagara/Hamilton region? Let me know at: taylenne@yahoo.ca Thanks!

  4. True, it's good experience though so I'll continue.

    Jolie I am paid less than half of what I do when I work as a supply teacher. There is an ECE AND a K teacher in the room. The drawback is that now they allow up to 28 kids in the class, where it used to be a max of 20 with one teacher. What is your student limit for the K classes?

    I used to live in the Niagara area, that is where I went to school, but not anymore. I'm now a couple of hours north of Toronto. But thanks for the offer :)

  5. Think of it as a foot in the door. In my school districts the Supplys that started coming regularly always got called first. It may get your foot in the door for teaching.

  6. Full day kindergarten is working. Based on international test scores and evaluation, Ontario has one of the top 10 education systems in the world. Ontario’s education progress report has just been released. See it here: http://bit.ly/mLFvFx