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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Comedy Club Success

Friday night D and I went to a comedy club. I drove since it was a surprise to him where we were going. I picked him up just before 9 and was a little annoyed that he wasn't ready. Sheesh that boy can take forever getting ready sometimes!!

Anyway we get on the road and he continues to ask questions about what it could be. He never gets it even after we drove past the place trying to find a place to park lol. It was a hilarious show. Our cheeks hurt from laughing so much. On our way home we stopped at Tim Horton's and bought a coffee and a hot chocolate and we BOTH won a food prize! He's 2 for 2 and I've won 1 out of 2. I also belted out "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" when it came on the radio, he laughed and sang along to the words he knew.

Tonight we are going to make some pizza and hang out. Probably play a game of scrabble and I might finish reading Ender's Game.

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  1. so far I have only bought like 3 things since that started and won twice! So far so good