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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Here is part 2, things that I lack or covet:

A full-time job! I REALLY DO love my job, but would love it even more if it were permanent! I love to teach in any form but having my own class would just be amazing. It would be so nice to have some consistency in kids and a paycheque.

A house. Friends and brothers are moving out and getting their own houses or apartments. I have yet to do so just because I really cannot financially.

Closer relationship with my dad and old friends. My dad and I have never been super close. I envy those that have that close relationship with their fathers. We both love each other but it can be hard to talk to him just because we do not have a lot in common. I also wish I still had a close relationship with some of my high school friends. I have about 3 really close friends and the rest are aquaintances. I miss having more REALLY close friends.

Ability to speak another language. I would LOVE to know another language. Anything really, but ASL would be my first choice in learning a new language. I think it's such a beautiful language and would make it a lot easier to communicate with my grandpa. I'll keep taking courses to work on this one.

Ability to play a musical instrument. I begged my parents when I was a kid to let me take piano lessons. They bought me a really expensive keyboard and signed me up. I despised my teacher and stopped taking lessons after that year never to go back again. I regret that and wish I could play fluently. Guitar or piano would be my first choices. Sigh, maybe one day.

Exercise motivation. I really wish I ENJOYED working out. I honestly did back in university, I loved taking fitness classes. However back in my hometown now whenever I sign up for a course I'm the youngest one by about 40 years. I want people my own age as well. I'm seriously considering kickboxing or running now hoping I'll love one of them that will keep me motivated to keep going back.

Better social skills. I consider myself a friendly person who can get along with most people. But I find it hard to talk to new people. This can inhibit my ability to make new friends, become close with teachers in staff rooms, and even in interviews. I wish I could just be one of those people who are really charismatic and can keep people laughing.

Come join in with this tag! What sort of things do you most covet?

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  1. Those are some pretty big, time-consuming goals: foreign languages and musical instruments take a LOT of dedication to learn. My personal recommendation is to prioritize: pick one to two goals and pursue them wholeheartedly. It's usually better than doing a "little bit" of a lot of goals.

  2. I wish I knew how to play piano. I think piano solos are so pretty. And I may be just a tad bit obsessed with Paul McCartney.

  3. Oooh, if I'd had an either, I would've wanted more musical talent too! Especially a beautiful voice (mine is decidedly average.) I play guitar and used to "play" violin throughout school but it's more work than ability on my part.