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Friday, March 18, 2011


Things that most annoy me!

When people are late! This irks me so much. Can you not call, text, etc to let me know you are going to be late so I am not waiting around for you. Common curtesy really.

My alarm clock. This annoys me 5 days a week! It always seems to wake me up when I am at the best part of a dream. 5 more minutes is never enough.

Attention seekers. It's just rude and really I don't want to hear all about you. Modesty is a fantastic trait.

Pessimism. Negativity just annoys me to no end. My brother can be extremely negative and it's hard to be around him when he is like that. Constaint complaints and the inability to find something positive about the world. Really, it's not that bad of a place out there especially when you try and find the good in things.

Lack of initiative. I like to plan some things and I like spontaneous decisions other times but I LOVE it when someone else has planned something for us to do. I don't need every minute of our time together planned but I would like some idea in mind with regards to what we can do. I'm very easy going and easy to please, 99% of the time I'm going to say yes to your idea.

One word responses. This mostly has to do with text messaging but I appreciate when people expand on their answers to questions I ask. What irks me more than one word responses is multiple word responses submitted as an abbreviation (i.e. IDC for I don't care, which is likely the most annoying and vague response of all time).

Slow drivers. Okay I understand when there is a need to be slow, i.e. poor road conditions. But any other day I expect you to at least drive the speed limit. This annoys me terribly when people drive under the speed limit. It always seems to be on days that I have hit every red light and am already running late for work.

Come join in with this tag! What things most annoy you?

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  1. I hate hate hate people who seem to think that because I have a different accent, am over a certain age and have blonde hair that I am stupid.
    I hate people who are continiously late.
    I hate mondays, in fact I hate any day that i have to work.
    I hate beetroot.