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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Updated Progress Bars and Endless Funds

Yesterday was payday! I added to the "funds." I put $400 toward the TFSA, $100 into the Travel Fund, $100 into the Christmas Fund, and $50 into the Computer Fund. This puts my ING savings funds (combined) over the $10,000 mark! Wow, that's pretty crazy! A year ago I was in debt to my family and now I am in the green!

I have been thinking and I think I want to start a furniture fund. I'd like some new bedroom furniture. Even if it's like $10 a month or so. But maybe I won't do that until my other funds are completed. I haven't even STARTED to contribute to my RSP this year so I really should focus on that before I start a furniture fund.

It's easy to get carried away with the funds. I want to have a bunch! Maybe a Future Pet Fund, a House Fund, a Jewellery Fund (there is a necklace I really want but can't justify spending the money), a Clothing Fund, a Electronics Fund, a Car Fund, a Car Repair Fund etc. Oh the endless possibilities!!


  1. yes once you start 'funding' the influx of funds you could create can be pretty overwhelming.

  2. Would it be an option to just make a fund to save in for all those misc things? You won't buy them all at once (I'm hoping :D haha) so perhaps you could start saing and once you have enough for one of your misc things you buy it, then save again for something else vs ten diff accounts for everything. You could lump your computer, future pet, furniture, necklace, clothing, electronics etc together that way and just keep a list in order of importance what you're saving for.

  3. Yes that's true I could, but I don't mind having a bunch of funds. It helps me to keep track of goals easier to know how close I am to completing them based on how much is in each fund I am saving toward. It may take a lot longer to reach goals this way but I think it also holds me more accountable to the ones I may not necessarily want to save for and not spend the money before I need it.