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Monday, November 16, 2009

Cars are expensive!!

I just got an oil change at the beginning of the month ($56) and this weekend I just got snowtires for the first time. At first I was against them. They are so expensive! But since I am supplying quite a bit and often have to travel long distances I think they are a good thing to get. Some provinces even make snow tires mandatory to have (Quebec). The tires I had to get were just under $100 each. I got four put on for $420. Ouch. But my mom just won a draw last week and won almost $2000 and said she would pay for half. So that is very very helpful. However, when the guys were putting on the tires they had a look at my old tires and said that two of them are just terrible and need to be replaced. They discarded them there! So come spring I am going to have to buy two more tires....it's never ending. I also need new windshield wipers, please nothing other than gas until spring!!


  1. Boy am I with you! My vehicle cost me $2,400 last month on repairs (of which I only knew about $1,000 worth in advance).

    Is your car paid for? If so, just do what I do to rationalize it. If all you pay for repairs this year is tires for $420 and you break that down to monthly payments of $35...you couldn't buy a car for that! So, you win! Feel any better? Me neither.

  2. Haha I win, kinda. Yes the car is paid for. $35 a month doesn't seem too bad, but I pay that in gas at least each month as well, then there are all the extra costs that come with having a car. I guess it's worth it though, I couldn't live without it!

  3. yeah, I hear you. I have to replace the struts and strut mounts on my car. I had almost enough saved to do so and then a belt went out which cost me half of what I had saved! I want winter tires for my car, but it's just not in the budget. Thankfully I can work from home on those kinds of days...you don't really have that luxury! For what it's worth, my friend got winter tires last year for the first time and he says it is SO worth it. You can feel the traction and you feel a lot more safe driving in that kind of weather.