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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Onto the Next Loan...

My family loan is $5000 with interest included. So from now until the end of February (the goal I have for myself), I need to save $1250 each month in order to pay it off in time. I hope this is doable. This payday I will save $500 toward it, and next payday for this month I will try to save at least $800.

Right now I have been busy working most days but in December I think that I will be getting less supply calls, and also the kids are on holidays for two weeks, so hopefully I can work at the rec centre for at least one week during Christmas break to still have some income to help meet my goal.


  1. wow, that sounds very ambitious. Good luck!!

  2. I think you'll make it...good luck!!

  3. Thanks! I hope I can make it too! I'll keep ya updated ;)