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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Full-Time Work....this week...

I wish I had PERMANENT full-time work. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to get that in this board. However this week I am booked full days every day this week! This swine flu has an advantage for some people. The principal at the school I was at today asked me if I would work tomorrow for the same class, of course I said yes! It's an awesome class, I love when teachers are organized! We have a PA day on Friday about an hour away. So I will be going to that, I'm somewhat excited actually, it's a PA day JUST for supply teachers. Hopefully next week brings just as many calls!!


  1. Keep plugging away, eventually you'll get something permanent. Are you looking in other boards at all?

  2. Me too :(

    I've been called everyday too. I had to skip out on today because of a doctor's appt. that is hard to get/re-schedule.

    I feel so overwhelmed and chaotic because of my schedule right now (everything from volunteer things to orchestra is this week). I haven't had a day/night off since last week (although my bank account is happy)

  3. I'll take you. I am down with a bad cold and they can get me a substitute for tomorrow AM but not PM.

    I will take what I can get though.

  4. Rebecca, that's great you are working so much! Hope it keeps up for you as well!

    Judi, I have looked into other boards, the other board in my area is not hiring this year. I have applied to different parts of Ontario, but it seems that they won't look at you unless you live there (I am willing to move, but they don't take that into consideration). Seems to be a glut of teachers all over though.

    Aww Jolie, I would love to supply for your class! Hope you feel better soon!!